Hashbrick Star is the best friend of SpongeBong HempPants. He lives with SpongeBong in a mushroom house, and enjoys the other habits SpongeBong enjoys. He also gets his drugs in Spliffward's house, and he is always shown to be happy.

Hashbrick Star in the show


Hashbrick has the appearance of a big wad of hash with a plastic bag for shorts. He has purple eyes and they are mostly shown to be squinting due to his drug dose.


Hashbrick has the personality of a typical stoner. He is also mostly shown to be happy, but sometimes appears sad when something goes wrong. In the pilot episode, it is revealed that he has a habit of stealing things to buy drugs.


  • Hashbrick Star is a parody of Patrick Star, who is SpongeBob SquarePants' best friend.
  • It is shown in Crystal Meth that his buttcrack peers out of his plastic bag shorts.
  • His real name is Mico Ombao.