SpOnGeBoNg HeMpPaNtS by melfranz

Mr Crack is the owner of the Crusty Crack House

Mr. Crack is the owner of The Crusty Crack House. HashBrick stole Mr. Cracks' car stereo and then gave it to Spliffward in exchange for a bag of seaweed. But shortly after getting the stereo, Mr. Crack takes it back from him.


  • Mr. Crack is a parody of Mr. Krabs
  • Mr. Crack seems to resemble Mr. Krabs the most of them all.
  • Considering the fact that they both have green colored stalk-like eyes that look identical.
  • And they seem to have a pirate-like accent to their voices.
  • They seem to wear similiar clothing. For example, Mr. Crack wears blue shorts, so does Mr. Krabs.

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