Pilot is the first episode of SpongeBong Hemppants.



SpongeBong and Hashbrick are playing Tony Hawk: Pro Skater, where they both suggest to have some sea-weed to make the day better. However, they are horrified to learn that they have no more sea-weed, but quickly calm down when they suggest to get some more. They go to Spliffward, and ask for a fresh batch of sea-weed. However, SpongeBong and Hashbrick don't have the money they need to buy the sea-weed, so Spliffward pushes them aside and tells them to sell their asses on the street. SpongeBong is first depressed, but Hashbrick soon comes up with a plan. They go to the Crusty Crack House, and take Mr. Crack's car stereo so they can trade it to Spliffward for some sea-weed. However, Mr. Crack soon finds them, and SpongeBong and Hashbrick run away, with SpongeBong's laughter cracking the windows in Mr. Crack's car, further damaging its condition. They go back to Spliffward, and they manage to get some sea-weed. But Spliffward's time with his new stereo is short-lived when Mr. Crack arrives in his car to claim it back. He crashes into Spliffward's house, destroying it, and Spliffward falls to the ground after his house exploded. Mr. Crack then takes the stereo back. Meanwhile, back at their house, SpongeBong and Hashbrick are already using the sea-weed Spliffward gave them, and say that Spliffward is a jerk. However, police arrive after learning that SpongeBong and Hashbrick are using the sea-weed, and as the cops bang on their door, they are just careless.



Watch EpisodeEdit

Spongebong Hemppants - Episode 103:33

Spongebong Hemppants - Episode 1


  • This is the first appearance of SpongeBong, Hashbrick, Spliffward, and Mr. Crack.
  • This may be Mr. Crack's only appearance.
  • The drug SpongeBong and Hashbrick tried to get, sea-weed, as a parody of the real drug called weed and used as a mixed term for seaweed.

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