(The episode starts begins with spongebong's house and camera zooms into it,in inside the two best friends playing video game and Hasbrick drinks a soda before throws backward with belches into a pile of sodas.) Spongebong:you know,hashbrick i can't we're anything better than my best friend will play tony hawks: pro skater. (spongebong and has brick laughs) Hasbrick: i know want you make a needed better. Spongebong: are you s thinking we're I'm thinking. Hasbrick: I'm think I am. (Spongebong walks to the desk and open the box but then seaweed it's gone.) Spongebong: you know I just we're grew up a big fat... Oh no! Hasbrick: what's wrong, spongebong? Spongebong: we're out of their seaweed! Hasbrick: nooooo! Spongebong: nooooo! (Spongebong and Hasbrick run around the house onside with laughing then she crash into a them and Spongebong pat on Hasbrick.) Spongebong: wait I got an idea. Hasbrick: um, what? Spongebong: let's go get some more! Hasbrick: good idea! (The scene cuts to title card "Seconds Later".) Announcer: seconds later. (Then cuts to Spliffward's house, then Spongebong knock on the door and Spliffward open this door.) Spliffward: what are you want, spongebong? Spongebong: hi Spliffward, we like one second remote seaweed please. Spliffward: they will be 65 clams. Spongebong: 65 clams ummm, hold on. (Spongebong pulls out from our pocket and gives Spliffward a bunch of nasty chunk, but Spliffward doesn't gives a thing.) there we go! Spliffward: that's a bunch of chunk, now we can just stands, get out of here? Spongebong: (he grab and hold Spliffward's nose and then he removes the nose from him.) Spliffward please we're gonna get help man, i'm swearning a bad please! Spliffward: no, no, no!, and don't come back we have 65 clams we're something a learn of 65 clams Spongebong: but we're broke here her anything but 65 clams? Spliffward: then so you act some on there street. (then Spliffward close the door.) Spongebong: (gasp) oh no! what we gonna do, I don't have son from their seaweed Hasbrick: I had an idea. (Then the scene cuts to the crusty crack house then she heard a shattering off-screen and the camera zooms right to the best friends try to find a thing for their seaweed Spongebong: are you sure we're supposed to good idea. Hasbrick: sure.(Hasbrick jumps out of their car and then he found Mr. Crack's car stereo on our hand.) now we can try to stole a stereo for some seaweed, I'm doing all to time. Spongebong: yay! (He laughs and then he pull down a pants with butt.) there we're actual rename on salad. Mr. Crack: (off-screen, and the camera zooms left to Mr. Crack behind them.) hey!, what are you doing with my car! Spongebong and Hasbrick: Mr. Crack! (The best friends run away from Mr. Crack with stereo, scream and laughing, and then Mr. Crack cover his ears and then she breaks through the windows in Mr. Crack's car, and then Mr. Crack open his eyes he shouts to give back here.) Mr. Crack: give back here with my stereo!, you bottom features? (Then the scenes cuts to title cards "seconds later" again.) Announcer: seconds later (Spongebong knock on the door again and Spliffward open his door again.) Spliffward: what are you... Spongebong: (he holds a stereo on our hand.) check for that CD DVD and then 3Player on colorful will be change second these of this (Spongebong blow his mouth like a balloon, and then he gaves Spliffward a stereo from seaweed.) Spliffward: oh yes! Spongebong: (she runs back to the house.) thank you. Spliffward: (he holds a stereo on our hands.) this thing is a awesome. Mr. Crack: (off-screen) my stereo! (Then the scene cuts through to Mr. Crack ride on car to gave it back.) give me back my stereo! Spliffward: uh oh. (Spliffward with stereo close the door again and Mr. Crack with car heading towards the Spliffward's house and then she heard crashing into it with stars and a word "crash!", and then Spliffward with stereo launch up and he falls to the ground.) Spongebooooong! (He landed on the ground and the house was destroyed.) Mr. Crack: that's don't let goods (he get it back from Spliffward with claws.) at last to steal it back, you contact sucker. Spliffward: I hate johnny all right. (Then the camera sons cuts to house, the best friends playing video game again and Hasbrick drinks a soda before he throws backwards into a pile of sodas again.) Spongebong: hey you been Spliffward is gonna be ok Hasbrick: ha, ha, ha, who cares. (Hasbrick laughs.) Spongebong: yeah! (Spongebong laughs.) screw him (he laughs again.) Hasbrick: he, he, he, peice of jerk. ( he laughs again and then she heards a police off-screen Spongebong: Hasbrick I think we're a bus again. Hasbrick (he laughs.) so what? (He laughs again as a police knock on the door.) Spongebong: yeah, step one? (He laughs as the scene fades to black.)