SpongeBong's Vapor Trail was a halluncination caused by Hashbrick when he ate too much Malaysian Fire Sea-Weed Brownies. He was created when SpongeBong ran off to grab some orange slices for Hashbrick, and the two left to have fun, leaving SpongeBong in a moment of depression. Together, the two ate nachos and chased a hobbit. After many hours, the affects of the Malaysian Fire-Seaweed Brownies wore off on Hashbrick and the hallucination disappeared.


SpongeBong's Vapor Trail almost looked SpongeBong entirely, but the hallucination Hashbrick thought of made him look like a messier SpongeBong.


  • It is possible the SpongeBong Vapor Trail will never appear again as it was merely an hallucination created by Hashbrick under the effects of Malaysian Fire-Seaweed Brownies.

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